Everlane's Soho Studio: Radical Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, and A New Way To Retail

Full Disclosure

I used to work for Everlane (the company that's revolutionizing retail through radical transparency and ethical manufacturing, in case you didn't know). But that doesn't mean I wasn't super excited earlier this year, when they invited me to design the plantscape for their Soho Studio. It's not every day that a company you can fully get behind asks you to collaborate. This was not an opportunity to pass up.

Matching plants to a brand is one of my favorite puzzles and I knew that for Everlane, I'd have to go clean and modern. With that as a major consideration, and in keeping with the principle of right plant / right place, I landed on a selection of ficuses, sansevierias, and one killer dracena as the cornerstones of the design.  The additon of a few smaller plants brought in a texture and playfulness that tie it all together. With the Everlane team was onboard to treat them as more than decoration, I strove to make these plants a dynamic part of the environment. While the large plants define the structure of the studio, the smaller plants serve to enhance and highlight the clothes, moving from shelf to table display filling barren space with life. What could be better than that?


Like everything else that Everlane touches, the Soho Studio is a little revolutionary. While at first glance it looks like your typical, albeit beautifully designed, retail store, it's so much more than that. They offer a curated selection of new launches available for you to try on, but the majority of your purchase will be shipped to you with complimentary 2-day shipping. That means no lugging a bag home on the subway, hooray! It's truly a beautiful marriage of a their online roots and brick-and-morter retail. Definitely take a visit the next time you're in the neighborhood.

The Breakdown – 

  • Light: High to Low
  • Plants: Ficus, 'Audry,' Ficus 'Alii,' Ficus elastica, Scindapsus pictus, Pothos, Dracena 'Janet Craig,' Sansevieria Japonesa, Sansevieria Cylindrica, Sansevieria 'Jade Dwarf,' Portulacaria afra  

  • Connect: @everlane


Visit the Studio


415 West Broadway, 5S

btwn Prince and Spring


Photos - Guillermo Cano       Architect - Solveig Fernlund     Florals - @brrch_floral